Facts and Figures


Tigray Bureau of Construction, Road and Transport was established inaccordance with proclamation 215/ 2004, by the Tigray Regional Administration Government. Relevant legal legislation were enacted since then, progressively redefining its  mandate and terms, thereby capacitating the overall organizational  engagements, output as well as practical achievements.The bureau is found at the town of Mekelle in Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia, at a distance of 783 Kilometers from the Ethiopian capital.The core tasks of the bureau are

  1. Supervising, monitoring and evaluating Building constructions which are financed by Governmental and none Governmental offices according to the customer’s interest starting from Design up to the construction of the building completed and functional.
  2. Buildings, constructions and road constructed by government or PLCs should be constructed timely with high quality, high standard and considerable cost by maintaining developmental tasks, improving construction industry, making the transport service safe and comfortable and making it accessible to every member of the society.
  3. To create an integrated and coordinated transport system which is efficient affordable safe
  4. To improve safety and modernity of transport service of well as minimize the environmental impacts.
  5. To promote an efficient, adequate, economical and equitable transport system,
  6. To ensure that public transport services are safe and comfortable,