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Strengthening and spreading the construction industry plays a key role in accomplishing the goals related with improving the availability of developmental infrastructures and reducing unemployment rate. That’s why the construction industry needs critical attention. Quickening the building of developmental infrastructure which has economic and social merits to the urban as well as rural population should be continued at a faster rate albeit we are demanded to work more efficiently and harder than ever. Giving this sector the right emphasis is a remedy to one of the severe problems in urban areas worldwide i.e. unemployment.

Strengthening this sector besides increasing the number of job opportunities and consultation companies, introduces and spreads various cost minimizing modern construction technologies that serve as input to construction work. Giving emphasis to this sector gives continuity and lays a strong foundation to the economic growth of regional states and the nation at general.

During the past two decades the Ethiopian government under the leadership of the late PM Meles Zenawi has planned and started building numerous important projects. It’s without doubt that this will be further consolidated and quickened to build a strong and fast growing economy. To carry out the sector's policies, strategies, programs and projects that have stemmed from PM Meles Zenawi and the government with better efficiency, it is beyond price to build the implementation capacity of the construction industry.

The bureau will execute the plans of the construction sector

To let the vision of PM Meles Zenawi come true!!!