Building Construction and Design

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Description of the Process

Building Design and Construction Core Process is one of the core process in  bureau of Construction, Road and Transport and its main Goal is supervising, monitoring and evaluating Building constructions which are financed by Governmental and none Governmental offices according to the customers interest starting from Design up to the construction of the  building completed and functional. In this core process then there are two sub processes in which one of the process is input of the other sub process, and both of sub-processes lining to final Goal.

Design sub-process

Activities on this sub process are:

  1. Preparation of TOR (Terms of reference)Material testing
  2. Design preparation
  3. Specification and bill of Quantities preparation
  4. Preparation of bid Document

Construction sub process

Activity On this sub process are:

  1. Performing bidding process
  2. Signing of contract agreement
  3. Site handover
  4. Supervising, monitoring and evaluating projects
  5. Provisional and final acceptance
  6. Approving Payments